Marketplace Solution for Service-Based Businesses

Sell your services and your partners’ on the same platform



Marketplace for personal home services: power of a dedicated platform

Easy as pie to figure out

Simplify your processes

    The power of the platform is not only about the array of its functionalities but also about how easy it is to get the job done with it
    • Centralized management of your partners’ network
    • Straightforward scheduling
    • Sleek dashboards 
    • Quotes, contracts and invoicing system…

At the click of a button, speed up your workflow

A user-friendly customer journey

  • Multi-criteria search engine by qualification
  • Employee Location
  • Assessment and rating by clients
  • Online shop with secure ordering and payment…

Marketplace for personal home services: user-friendly customer experience

A platform adding value to your services for your clients & for your partner network

Ogust, expert of personal home services management software

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